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One of the most usual for our fences is to create fences against wild boar.

Why make a fence intrusion for wild boar?


  •      protect cultures such as potatoes, corn, hazelnut, fruit plants.
  •      prevent dig in parks, Golf Club, and flowerbeds.
  •      prevent intrusion in garbage cans and devastate orchards and gardens.

Very great destroyers of gardens, fields of corn and many cultures,big diggers in pastures, are content with no problems from ourfences. The fence can be positioned on a free field and in thewoods. Apply the necessary precautions described above to prevent grasses, wood and plants can create dispersions.

Great use of poles / isolators Ref. 12/2 and Ref 12/3 every 50 meters arounda stake INDEPENDENT type key 47 with two turnbuckles Ref 9F.They are very smart and will travel around the outside of the fenceto find a ride. We recommend that if you have to pass smallstreams or depressions you take concrete blocks with two holes. To plug our Ref.

12/2 with its knurled part and cementiate to make itvery heavy to do that with her weight hold your tape to a desired height constant. Obviously the stakes / isolator must be oriented with the ribbon lower to the side where the animals are to be rejected. Cleaning and regular checks to avoid dispersion are required.

Very often the installations for boar are fed by Ref E7with solar panels: the installation of the solar panels Ref PS1 mustonly respect the fact that the panel remains at about 45 ° south oriented. Two or three heights of tape 13 or 20 mm are indicated for these animals, the stakes can be placed every 4 or 5 meters.

Here is how to compose the fences against boar

  • two orders (heights) with tape 13mm B1 Shockproof Security
  • special pole Ref 12/2 every  4m 
  • some insulators for wooden poles Ref.9V which can be used also on your poles
  • whenever there is a corner or a curve Ref 45V;
  • Each time you exceed 100m use a Ref.35V or Ref 9F on wooden pole 
  • Energizers Ref E7 with battery Ref. 31 with cable Ref 59L
  • each fence can include gates to be fitted with Ref 35V (tensioners in order to better
    tighten the tape) and Handle Ref 11B;
  • the system can be "open" there is no need to close the circuit but at the start and at the
    you need a Ref. 35V
  • The electrical contact between a tape and the other of the fence is guaranteed by the
    Ref 59H joining the buckles of the tensioner Ref 35V

Why use our electric fence safety system and not others?

After years of applications, we propose the system that our experience, has determined how best to contain the wild and in particular for the boars, so the system that we will describe has more than 5 patents, in special poles Ref 12/2, insulators Ref 9N, energizer Ref E7 tensioners Ref 35V and the tape Ref B/M1. In support of our thinking you can ask for samples that validate and give evidence of the efficiency of the system.

How it work: the power and ethology


Our system ANTI BOAR is distributed in various parts of the world.The full name of the system is electrified fence safety system anti boar

The containment or protection of portions of land by wild boars in our opinion should not be considered the same way as their slaughter and even lead to harm to other wildlife making it injury or physical damage. Too many animals in fact collide with the cables or ropes cutting themselves, thi kind of cables should lead the electricity or for line problems and dispersions fail to bring enough(studies on the level of sensitivity of boar have shown that to make them recede or change of paththere must be at least 3000 to 4000 Volts on the line).

Arises the consideration that for obtaining the containment of these animals should take into account several factors : the visibility of the containment barrier, the resistance of the same, the conductivity of the electric pulse, the isolation of the circuit that underlies the functionality of the system and build a system to more heights (at least two).

Other important parameters are the robustness of the system, the assistance, the minimum maintenance on the electrified fence, the robustness of the same.

Our system meets all these needs thank to a special tape with features and performance that make it very visible from the animals, as we see in the technical description of the materials. This, coupled with the high performance of the system from an electrical point of view , high conductivity and great power of energizers, and its intrinsic visibility, leaves in the animal, hit by the shock, the memory that was the tape to hit him and cause him pain: studies on animal behavior have found that while a sheep or goat touch the electrical fence at least twice over a period of 15 hours for the boars this interval is much greater and sometimes reaches about two days. Also from this figure we can understand that an electrified fence, quickly visible, become a passage impassable and thus cause a change in the direction of the groups of boars . Experimentally with approximately 180 installations operating on the Italian territory, we noticed that the females with offspring in late summer or in the winter with large climate instability , are the most problematic. In fact, usually move in small flocks, formed by their entire family and, if running, sweep away all obstacles. In the most different situations we have noticed that for a best containment the tape must be placed in free zones and at least one meter or a meter and a half from the forest or wooded area . This further emphasizes that the visual effect of the tape is associated with the punitive power failure, if the animal is given the opportunity to realize the presence of the tape. In any case, the resistance of the tape and the flexibility of the system allow to soften the blow dealt by the Office of wild boar . That's why we recommend the poles Ref 12/2 , bring the tape to two heights so offset where the bottom is ahead than the top one.

So not only the strength and power, but also the intelligence, the study of its behavior, practicality and experience to control the wild boar as well as the others wild animals: in summary the ELECTRIC FENCE SAFETY SISTEM AGAINST WILD ANIMALS

Here are some examples of application

Here is an example of a fence that protects a golf club: the use of tape Ref B1 and poles Ref 12/2solves the problem.

If placed in right way is an excellent deterrent but also an aesthetic element to value!

Here is the application of the hills of Canada to defense an orchard.

Every aspect has been studied in detail, nothing is left to chance before the installation was a deep cleansing, herbs and weeds. An important detail: in points of change and in the corners use a wooden pole Ref 47P and tensioners Ref 35V or simply Ref 9F. Also in protection of a plantation a line of fence.Note that a suitable space was left between theorchard and the fence, but also between the fence and the edges of the clearing.

To contain the wild boars in defense of crops:

The repopulation of the boar has broughtsignificant problems, here's how they were resolved, for example from the National Park of Abruzzi!

Fixed corner and mounted the tensioners (Ref. 9For Ref 35V)

Placed stakes Ref 12/3 being careful not toexceed the distance between one and the otherof 4/5m.


And here's how to connect the special Rif.E7 with its cable Rif.59L long 150 cm.
Its galvanized iron container protects it from the elements and guarantees durability and efficiency. [Nbsp] Here's where to stay the long-lasting battery, Ref.31   The result is optimal and functional.

Here's one last trick!

Un cancello elettrificato ferma i cinghiali! Ma non le auto!

Our belt is resistant, so much so that if you put more strips with the appropriate Road Gate Kit no four legs, for fear of the current that knows well, will pass more from that gap, horse, cattle, sheep or even boar.
Think of the tape so positioned, without rocks or anything else that could damage it, it lasts about 2 years.
Obviously we have to go over it at a crawl.
But as you can see from the photo, placed the energizer   Rif. E4, so you can turn it on and off ... everything is more


The GATE ROAD KIT contains:

     1 roll of brown tape 100m
     4 insulating pads
     2 rods isolated
     6 isolators (two standing and 4 spare)
     25 clips to keep the ribbon in place
     3 galvanized stakes to secure everything
     1 pole for Ref E4
     2 Signs
     1 Ref 59L connector

Some applications