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Environment improving

Enzimes New Ground

A natural product always based on enzymes to improve the elements that facilitate the demolition of all wastewater but at the same time hinders the creation of unwanted bacterial strains.

What's this?

ENZYMES NEW GROUND is a product based on enzymes, proteins produced by bacteria that are also found in our intestine; after careful selection, these are reproduced and multiplied in the land of culture. Purified, dehydrated and freeze-dried are packaged.

Leaving any animal from horses to paddock, to all animal species, from a biological point of view, means polluting the lawn with their debris.

Bacteria mushrooms etc. they begin to colonize the land and very often there are also unwanted "guests".

The solution is ENZYMES NEW GROUND


How to use Enzymes New Ground? Two cases:

A:   the animals that occupy the paddock or are most of the year in the wilderness (they do not have a shelter outside the paddock during the night)

1. An enclosure holding a herd of animals, be they cows, horses or sheep / goats, as well as wild animals, should be used, whether large or small, so as to have over a year solar at least two / three months of "biological stop". In case this could not be done with   our enclosures   a smaller paddock. In an area where you have used this protocol.

2. Once released from the animals, carry out the breakage of the debris with a trailed harrow: where these are actually stored, remove them if necessary.

3. Pass the ground with a scarifier: there are vehicles such as the JOAKIN harrow that combine the two functions: erect and aerate

4. Dissolve in warm water Enzymes New Ground: the solution thus obtained must then be melted in a pressure-spraying barrel with nozzles facing downwards. Very often these barrels are used to give pesticides or fertilizers, the one you use must be absolutely free of any residue and washed more than once, to avoid that the remains of any products go to affect the performance of Enzymes New Ground.

5. The quantity of solution in warm water is 1.000 liters of water, 10 liters of product (1 package) for 1 hectare

6. In case of persistent infestations and colonizations, pass over after about 14/21 days

B:   the animals occupy the paddocks only during the day and in the evening they are brought back into the barn

1. First and very important: the horse and / or the animals must live in a controlled environment. Or even where you live you must use enzymes, otherwise entering and leaving the paddock will still infect the environment in which it lives, so you can use Enzymes Catalyst in bedding.

2. This process is best done either in late autumn or spring

3. Remove animal debris as much as possible

4. Air the ground, with a special aerator, carefully pass the ground

5. After a day go with an absolutely clean agricultural sprayer, without residues of pesticides or other inside, "Enzymes New Ground" to the determined percentages. The quantity of solution in warm water is 1.000 liters of water, 10 liters of product (1 package) for 1 hectare.

4. Repeat the treatment after approximately 21 days

Enzimes New Ground


Enzymes New Ground



It is a natural product composed of enzymatic strains, which increase the speed of decomposition of the wastewater, naturally and help the natural bacterial flora of the fields hindering the colonization of unwanted bacterial strains.
It is absolutely natural and therefore the animals can enter the field just treated after about 2 days, to give it time to act. The quality of the grass inside the paddocks improves significantly. The product is highly professional.