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Dog Watch - The invisible fence

Dog Watch

Your dog free, but protected with the invisible fence.

A simple thread, buried a few centimeters deep, under the ground, which delimits the part of your property reserved for your dog, a low-frequency radio pulse, emitted by a transmitter placed where it is more comfortable and re-launched thanks to the thread for everything the perimeter, a small receiver on your dog's collar and ... the fence is made.
This is the latest in dog containment fences are the Dog Watch enclosures imported exclusively by us. These are collars affixed to the dog's neck, detect signals emitted by specially buried wires and educate them through sound warnings and stimulations not to exceed a certain limit.

Approaching its territorial limit, the dog is warned not to advance from a sound signal; only if he ignores the warning, advancing, will receive a harmless stimulation of mild intensity, which will interpret as a tug on his collar as you take it for a walk.
The era of the bunker fences, the destroyed flowers, the countless problems given by your dog is over ... the era of   DOGWATCH has begun.

What is it?

The System   DogWatch® with the new SafeLink® FM digital receiver system, is the safest, most modern and technological Invisible Fencing system on the market today. A system with FM digital radio frequency signal is a more precise and safe signal as opposed to an AM signal; our system guarantees that your dog will not be punished by a radio disturbance caused by a remote control for the gate, for the door of the house, for the alarm at home or by car or even for television.

The system will adapt to your every need with respect to your needs and your dog, thanks to Pet Friendly ™ which provides a digital FM signal, the programmable receiver, a long battery life and a serious warranty.

Pet friend, but also a veterinarian's friend.

A DogWatch hidden fence gives your pets freedom while keeping them happy and safe in their own yard. You can also use a hidden fence to designate areas that are “off-limits” such as flowerbeds, a gated driveway, kids play area, swimming pool, or BBQ pit. We can install a system for a small area or up to 200 acres. We can go over the river and through the woods - or whatever is right for you.

The transmitter controls the coded FM radio signal in the buried wire. In addition to being the only FM transmitter available for hidden fences, the DogWatch transmitter is user-friendly and user-adjustable. You won’t find anything quite like it in other brands. The DogWatch transmitter includes unique features such as:

Secure digital FM technology is the safest for your pet
Our patented digital FM technology provides the maximum protection against false activation caused by stray radio signals. Our FM SafeLink technology is less prone to interference and stray signals than the AM systems used by other brands, and that makes DogWatch the most secure and safest hidden fence available.

Rif. Description Weight Price
KIT TR3000

Composed of a radio transmitter, an adaptable collar

100 m of repeater wire to be buried or fixed on the fence

5 kg € 676,00
R-3000 Additional collar 0,5 kg € 217,00
WR100 100 m wire for fence 2 kg € 93,00
CNT01 Connectors 0,1 kg € 7,50
BK-200 Battery 3,6 v 0,1 kg € 15,50

This can be the installation scheme in your home. The external fence leaves your dog free to move inside the garden, while the small circuit around the vegetable garden prevents the dog from making disasters. The buried cable is long lasting and high resistance.