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Electrified fences

A unique quality in the world! The electrified fence system: unbeatable

The electric fences for pets have a use opposite to those of horses. The horses are contained by fences for pets however, the concept is reversed the fences are used to enclose places where you do not want them to go. We do not want to segregate animals behind current prisons! We want to maintain flower beds, walkways, trash cans, driveways, dangerous places, and all the other places where dogs and cats should not have access. The electric fence for dogs means: do not allow a metal fence, solid and beautiful but large enough to allow passage of the head of the dog, they manage to bite, and below a fence steps to enter or escape, and that a gate jumps by a fence or too low assail someone, going to dig in the flower beds and a thousand other applications. But do not try to imprison it with electrical tape, go mad and almost certainly will get a terrified his escape.

Our FieldGard is the top of the technology for what concerns the fences. Thanks to the quick installation, the purchase cost and the low maintenance. The concept of our system is based not only on the mechanical strength, which was held at about 400kg, but the fact that the animal start to respect and avoids not even going to touch it after the first experience with the current. Our system is based on the Shockproof Tape, but include energizers, insulators, the poles, the tensioners and a huge range of accessories stainless steel, which allows to answer all your needs.

The system works in three ways

FIRST: The electricity, will prod the animal every time he try to go to graze the grass near the fence. Our electric fences, if well installed, comply with this rule. In contrast, however, even if cows can be fenced with a single tape, for the animal, is not enough, and this solution is not safe especially with tape of low thickness.

SECOND: The visual barrier (created by the tape), represents an obstacle for the animal clearly visible and wide, so difficult to overcome. In addition, when they attempt to pass the electric fence his instinct will remind him: "No, beyond the fence is too painful, I cannot go through, I have to find another gate." Is to meet this need, which requires at least two or three heights of tape!

THIRD: networks using specially prepared, joins the deterrent electricity the physical ability torestrain the animal by a specially designed network. A great success!

On what principle is based?

If we put a finger in a hole in the wall outlet, do not take the shock! But if you put two? The energizer is made to transform and pulse, from the current 220 v or 12v or 9v battery, multiplying the voltage by 40 or more in the case of batteries, but breaking down the amperage to a few hundredths of Amps.

The system to function consists of two wires, the first, what we will call "land", is inserted in a special ground bollard that turns the soil in a big conductor.

The second phase is attached to the tape. When the animal, touch the tape, the fact that walking around with their hooves on the ground for a moment connects the earth with the tape, which is why it takes the shock