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Electrified fences


Over the years many special installations make us say that fencing of large areas, at least higherthan 1000 m2 contain the dogs and all other animals, this then means that there are problems to fence for example a side of the garden, for example, if we want preclude the dog a certain area or ifwe want to prevent escape
not fenced on one side of our property. But not only that you can electrify even small fences, placinginsulators and tensioners with belt electrified.

In this section we want to show some applications the use of electric fences and some "tricks" to improve the functioning of your system. You too can enter your contact, just give us a pictureexplanatory also available by email and an explanation of what you have accomplished.

Here is a classic setup for your dogs and small animals.

1. Energizers Rif.E34
2. Ground pole Rif. T1
3. Cable Rif. 28M
4. Poles Rif. 7B with insulator Rif. 9N
5. Poles Rif. 47P with insulator Rif. 45V
6. Gate made thanks to Rif. 35V
7. Connectors Rif. 59H
8. Handle Gate Rif. 11B
9 Small protection connected to the main enclosure

Your fence overlooking a busy street?
Here's a typical installation to prevent the dogescapes and flees away, in danger!

We used the stakes
 Rif. 12/2 

The postman is about to not bring the mail?

Your neighbors will change the sidewalk when they approach your home?

Electrified your perimeter walls into the interior! A little ingenuity and your friend will not be a problem!

Look at that beautiful picture of family and dogs play safely and without putting a strain on your flower beds!