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Eliminate odors

How does it work?

The main action of ENZYMES CATALYST in the places where they live dogs is to create a fastpropagation of bacteria which digest the organic matter directly linked to the life of the dog:

  •      urine,
  •      small residue of feces,
  •      other liquids,
  •      sebum,
  •      odors.

All these substances secrete odors if not treated radically. But the solution is not to use in thechemical and even smells that cover the smell of your dog.

The biological control of these is the constant use of Enzymes Catalyst in small doses that selects and drives to work the bacteria that live around the dog. These driven by catalysis carried out by enzymes operate on the organic matter and thus fix and prevent odors.

The sanitizing Natural Enzymes Catalyst creates an optimal environment for the life of animals.

How to use

For the garden: though we noticed that thanks to the "visits" of our four-legged friends in the garden next to the house and become a stinking cesspool what can you do?

First remove the solid waste, then distribute a light layer of ENZYMES CATALYST do it once a day for the first two days and then once a week.
To wean the dogs to continue to soil to mark the territory:  
Distribute in a range of about 1m a little Enzymes for about a week and verify the effectiveness

If the kennel gives off unpleasant odors:

distribute few grams of Enzymes Catalyst throughout the doghouse

Treat kennels and common surfaces

Wash and rinse without using chemicals that lead to a total ineffectiveness Enzymes Catalyst, pass aveil of Enzymes on all surfaces.

Wherever there is a bad smell or a surface to be treated just spend a small amount of EnzymesCatalyst and the surface will be treated.