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Electrified fences

Bipolar tape, a great news

The new Bipolar Electric Fence Safety System differs from all other, as it combines the phase and earth on the same tape. This feature makes it ideal for all applications and even more in those hard to find enough moisture in the soil that spreads well the electrical impulse, or when the ground is too frozen or too rocky to be able to insert the ground rod too deep.

Differences from the traditional electric fence safety system:

  • Optional ground rod;
  • nphase and earth on the tape;
  • Accessories: handles, buckles, tensioners and connectors are isolated

What doesn’t change:

  • the performance
  • the space between the poles (maximum 5m)
  • isolators
  • energizer

The top of tape with is green color, identifies the phase, the lower part of brown color identifies the earth then the negative pole, in this way the tape will always work regardless of ground conditions. The 4cm tape work with the same deterrent effect than traditional BADI FARM fence system, in fact, after the first bad experience with the tape, the fence will serve as a visual barrier and the horse will respect.


  • 10 stainless steel wires of 0.40 mm diameter electrical conduction formidable maximum power, even with the contact of the vegetation
  • 31 strands of polyethylene 0.50 mm in diameter, protected against UV rays the sun
  • 2-wire polyester 0.80 mm at the edges of the tape, make it impossible to stretch for stretching

How to use the bipolar tape

The connections with the teflon cable (green for the phase and brown for the earth) are made always in correspondence of a tensioner Ref 44BP. The tape must be positioned with the green part pointing upwards and the brown (earth) downwards. The Teflon cable follows the same principle: the green wire connected to the green part, brown wire connected to the brown part.

The bipolar system

Here is a small example of how to implement a Security Fence with Bipolar Tape:

sistema con nastro bipolare