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Electrified fences

Tape: colors

We have said that the horse does not see as we do and then the usual refrain: "... But if I put the white ribbon, the horse can see it better." From scientific data is not true: so choose the color that you like and that best complements of your landscape and environment.

Nastro: colore marrone

It has the color of the wood and integrates seamlessly into the environment. Nature lovers will appreciate this color natural and not flashy. Horses do not pay much attention to the colors, the tape for them is an obstacle that they see from the beginning ... In addition, several years later, the brown tape will not have lost its color at all, then we would recommend . Most of the pastures of Kentucky, which houses the precious Americans thoroughbred, are fenced with brown tape . Not affected at all by the passing years.


Nastro: colore verde

The green tape is seen equally well and is integrated, as the brown one, in the environment. A study done by a great breeder of thoroughbreds in England, concludes that the horses respect better the tape brown or green while the white. Our customers say us that the color green or brown - natural colors - are well received by the particular eyes of the horse and that the white color, uncommon in the environment, is less visible. For those who have this experience, he knows that green tape works fine.


Nastro: colore bianco

For naturalists sometimes it seems that visually pollute and it stands out 'too much in the country side: 2 heights of white tape can still see perfectly at 600 meters, but for many it can be an advantage. Well installed, has a classical type fence, of which you will be proud of. But you can see more if it gets dirty with dust, and if you have made a mistake in the installation (tape stretched well, not straight fence). Take your chooise!