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Electrified fences

Tape: heights, 40, 20 or 13mm?

From the dawn of time, the horses seek one thing, escape. And in their head, just appears to be a "dangerous" thunderstorm, fireworks, airplanes, clouds coming, dogs, etc. ..), behave in the same way, for a conditioned reflex. So, if in that moment you find in front of a fence, it is necessary that this represents an insurmountable obstacle, even for a horse that is afraid! One obstacle as wide as a branch (tape 4 cm), will be an obstacle that he will comply with its self-preservation, during the fraction of a second in which it will decide. I do not even want to consider the leads which pass through them without even seen.

The width is important

THE TAPE 40 mm 2 or 3 heights, is impressive: it is truly an electric fence! A resistance of up to 300 kg to breakage, do not swing in the wind. Who could ask for more? The experience of 20 years of use on many horses, the testing done on our horses, prove that is the ideal solution and final. The horse is an animal full of fears. The wide band is clearly visible even when it goes very fast and does not have too much time to think.

THE TAPE 20 mm, has the width of a branch, if it is still a "insurmountable barrier" at least deserves greater attention. Visibility 3 or 4 times higher than that of the ribbon to 13 mm, (20 times that of the wire for the cows).

THE TAPE 13 mm has a width of a sprig and sprigs were never fulfilled and have never stopped a horse. The tape is 13 mm wider than the electrical wires and ribbons, which you can find on the market, this fence has not been tested sufficiently on the horses for us to say, that is sufficient alone to stop a horse. Surely it is good for improving and protecting an existing fence.