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Electrified fences

Why our fence?

Cavalli che mangiano erba in recinto

A mental barrier

How does it works?

The energizer, either on 220v or battery, converts the direct current by multiplying the voltage by lowering the amperage. As for the current - which is carried by two wires - also we have two conductors: the first, thanks to the ground rod, it is the soil that can be compared to a thread that always connects your horse (if the land is applied following our instructions), the second is the tape. When the horse touches the tape walking on the ground with his foot, here is that the spark and electricity hits him creating a strong reaction.

The horse approaching for curiosity but with some caution, in the moment it touches the tape, receives a violent shock. This shock, if it comes from one of our energizer that pulsates with great power and a tape fits properly and with great performances such as ours, is comparable, as a feeling, a whiplash! Thanks to this painful reminder the horse will respect this becomes a "mental barrier". Even the greatest jumpers flying obstacles to 2 meters in height, don’t jump 1.30 m of tape. The horse, in fact, think of being in front of a wall that causes pain and this becomes impassable.


A visual barrier

The tape is an obstacle clearly visible; when he takes it in front, in a fraction of a second, self-preservation commands him to stop, to respect it and not drown it "... is a branch too big because I break, I prefer to go around it ... " Of course for a good answer to this need the horse must be in front of two or three heights wide tape!

Also resistant to the effects of the wind!

Five hundred meters of ribbon from 40mm are comparable to a sail of about twenty square meters: there seems to nothing when the wind blows? Our tape is designed to allow the wind steps thanks to the large net. But absolutely respected the maximum distance of 5 m between an insulator and the other or 4 m if you live in a windy area, so your tape will not vibrate and not be consumed with vibration.

Horse's vision

Studies of the most important global ophthalmologists have found that the vision of the horse is poor. If he could read would fail to recognize the larger letters than a table for ophthalmology (the one used for the evaluations of view). He sees yes to 350°, while the man sees only 180°, but as we see with both eyes but has many blind spots in front of your nose and behind him.