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As a breeding BADI FARM knows well how the environment where the horse lives must be healthy, here are two solutions to deodorize, sanitize and to avoid the fumes that eventually irritate the respiratory system of the horse. Biolavender sterilizer and Green Gloop deodorant and disinfectant.


The product is a green-colored liquid with a smell of lavender, easily diluted in water.
Thanks to its new formulation, it is able to emulsify fats and any organic residues, increasing the penetration coefficient in porous surfaces.
Preserved in its original packaging, well sealed and in a cool and dry place, it maintains its characteristics unaltered.


- Produced in partially chlorinated phenolic emulsion.

Instructions for Use

Biolavender is used in the sanitization of environments when it is necessary to obtain a fast and lasting action.
To protect the previously cleansed environment from external contamination, use the 2-4% solution
For ditches, drainage channels, waste containers, etc ... we recommend using a 2.5-5% solution.

General informations

Biolavender is an energetic sanitizer with high residual power (about 45 days) which, thanks to its strong penetration capacity on difficult surfaces, is active against Gram + bacteria and Gram-bacteria, Protozoa, Muffe, Virus, bacterial spores, fungal.

Its action is rapid and acts within 30 minutes against most microorganisms, even in the presence of organic matter residues.

It can be used for the sanitization of:

  • hatcheries
  • Poultry breeding, pigs, tunnels and cattle, horses
  • Cages and zootechnical equipment in general
Articolo Descrizione Confezione
BL 0,5 Sanitizzante al profumo di lavanda 0,5 L
BL 1 Sanitizzante al profumo di lavanda 1 L
BL 5 Sanitizzante al profumo di lavanda 5 L