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Enzymes are bacteria found in the intestine (of cattle in our case). They are first selected and then set to reproduce and multiply in culture medium. ENZYMES CATALIZZATORE is formulated in special lab, for BADI FARM. It uses a special mix of micro-organisms and catalyzers to digest the organic substances and grants a diminution of ammonia (transformed in mineral salts) without elevating the temperature of the litter and without modifying the best life standards for Horses. It is used by many breeding farms, and also for our horses! ENZYMES CATALIZZATORE is a 100% natural product, therefore is no-toxic, no-corrosive and is not harmful either to humans, animals or environment. It is a natural product!


A natural product for litter care, to reduce flies, improve the lives of animals, to work less and save money.

Enzima_Rif. Bec12,5
Rif. Bec1


Catalyzer Enzymes package 1 Kg.

€ 27,00 (iva inc.)

Enzima_Rif. Bec5
Rif. Bec5


Catalyzer Enzymes package 5 Kg.

€ 127,00 (iva inc.)

Enzima_Rif. Bec12,5
Rif. Bec12,5


Catalyzer Enzymes package 12,5 Kg.

€ 288,00 (iva inc.)


  • During the normal cleaning of the box, as much as 30% of the material thrown away
    (for example: wood-shavings) is still clean.
  • The litter, besides absorbing all liquids, is also designed to support the weight of the
    horse. Thus it must also be soft.
  • The urine, produced by the horse over 24 hours and deposited onto the litter,
    produces ammonia fumes which irritate the mucous membrane of the breathing
    apparatus, thereby inducing pathologies and reducing the sport performance.
  • A dirty litter is a source of serious problems for the hoof, and it can lead to
    the decay of the frog.

Catalyst permanent litter or traditional litter box?

Did you know that?

With the traditional litter box, in the normal cleaning of the box, about 30% to 40% of clean material is thrown away.
The litter, in addition to absorbing the fluids, supports the weight of the horse and therefore must be soft, so the traditional litter is not good because low and often the horse moves away, resting on the hard floor and producing caps on the garretti or sores.
The urine, in the traditional litter, produces ammonia exhalations that irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, predisposing it to pathologies and reducing sports performance; even with the use of strong disinfectants, the same irritant effect is achieved.
For the fermentations that always accompany the decomposition of the litter there may be bacteria that can cause problems in the general state of the horse and infections of the feet.