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Modern technology has developed new plastics, instead of traditional irons, with new types of materials, which in addition to foot protection add a damper effect compared to the ground. Even these can be fixed with the aid of resins and even if the state of the art still does not allow to say that we have arrived to glue the plastic to the foot of the horse, with two or four nails and the resin has no problems make a training session on the track back with all four of these "horse shoes". Why do we want comfortable shoes and for the horse we use some iron pieces?

We are awake in the 21st century! Here are the innovative Hippotec "shoes", absorb shock and adapt to the ground and last for at least as long as a traditional shoe.

How to apply them:
Draw the nail well. Bring level with the rasp, with the protractor verify the correct angle Apply Hippotec; You will have to nailed Hippotec once, then or with tongs or rasp shape it and make it become the right size.

If you use the Hoof-it resin you can use only four nails:
In the container mix the resin one by one, obtaining a semi-thick mixture.
Apply the resin on the part that will come into contact with the nail and once applied Hippotec and fixed with the 4 nails, also on the lateral surfaces of Hippotec and on the wall. Apply everything with the spatula, trying to make sure that the whole surface is covered.

Attention: that when you apply Hippotech you must immediately push it firmly into position
Rest the foot that is staring on the ground and raise the other for about 3 minutes, scratching modeling.

Always to be at the top of the innovations we present the horseshoes for the new millennium. They are made of special resin and can be easily glued to the horses' feet.

Have you always thought about using the right thing to make your horse walk? HIPPOTECH is the future: the difference? Simple, try running with a pair of clogs and then try on a pair of athletic shoes ...

Many models and sizes available.