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Porta fieno e reti antispreco

Anti-waste nets

How many times happen to see the horses wasting hay out of manger and or hay racks? and once trampled with their feet, leave it, causing a great waste! Here our solutions, Net360 and Net360XL for hay bales, Net90, hang in corner, for box and paddock, Net100 hay bag net for box and paddock, Net200 bigger hay bag net, for box and paddock. We produce hay nets with 70 mm mesh, 50 mm mesh and small mesh 40 mm to meet specific needs.

With our hay bales net for, your horse can’t wastle the hay under his feet but it will eat directly among the net meshes.

Which hay net mesh should I buy? 7cm, 5cm or da 4cm? You choose the small mesh for ponies, donkeys, and for all starving horses that eat too much hay in little time; but we suggest the 7cm mesh to allow easier hay intake.

Badi farm Hay Nets can be filled only once a day and their mesh assure that the horse takes small amounts of food whenever he wants, reducing waste.

Is the hay net indestructible?

The texile rope of the net it’s built to last for long; really seldom and anxious horse can bite the rope   and cut it, to have an easy way to the hay, digging holes. Patience! Take a rope and ensure the net again, do not leave the holes in the net; with time horses will stop and start to respect it!



Rete antispreco ad angolo
Rif. NET90


Corner net with mesh 5 cm for box and paddock corner (dimensions 70x70x90cm, open above with 3 fixing slots).

€ 56,00 (iva inc.)

Rete antispreco a federa
Rif. NET100


Pillowcase net size 90x100cm with 4 slots, for paddock boxes with 5cm mesh.

€ 45,00 (iva inc.)

Rete antispreco 360
Rif. NET100-32

ANTI-WASTE NET 90 x 90 mm

Net 90 x 90 cm with mesh 32 x 32 and 4 slots

€ 150,00 (iva inc.)

Rete antispreco a federa
Rif. NET200


Net cm 200 x H 90, 50 mm, for box, van, paddock with 6 slots

€ 80,00 (iva inc.)

Rete antispreco 360
Rif. NET360


Anti-waste net with mesh 70 mm, hay ballon up to 170 cm diameter

€ 146,00 (iva inc.)

Rete antispreco 360xl
Rif. NET360XL


Anti-waste net with mesh 70 mm, hay ballon up to 190 cm diameter

€ 162,00 (iva inc.)

Rete antispreco 36003
Rif. NET360/04

ANTI-WASTE 40 x 40 mm

Net with mesh 40mm x40mm

€ 185,00 (iva inc.)

Rete antispreco_STEP 1

With tractor: slide Badi Farm hay net on the round bale


Rete antispreco STEP 2

With tractor: with a cutter cut and remove the rope that tie the round bale and then close the hay net


Rete antispreco STEP 5

Hand: lay the round bale and slide the net, then turn the round bale and pull to close


Reti antispreco_STEP 6

Set the round bale vertically and close the hay net. Here is the final result!