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Inflatable rods

Inflatable rods

Designed to solve the serious problem of the danger of classical rods, which in iron or wood very often cause problems for riders and horses. [Nbsp]  
The inflatable round bar   Ref. TGBF   Badi Farm is made of a PVC tube that is inflated by means of a special fan powered at 220 v, the internal diameter is 10 m while the external one is 12 m, the average height is about 90 cm, the door is built from two ribbons or as often our customers close it, using tapes to give continuity to their lessons; it can be fixed to the floor using buttonholes.

If hit by a ridden rider it acts as an airbag, reducing the impact with the ground.

Ideal for countless applications:

  • the first lessons
  • vaulting lessons.
  • the deviation of the horses.
  • I also test you at parties and demonstrations

And then ... just use your imagination.

It is possible to have   Ref. TGBF   even at higher height ask for a quote.