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Rif. Fly-trap

FLY TRAP is a special funnel trap made up of a container with an organic bait simply activated by pouring water. The adult flies, attracted by the bait odour are caught very easily. Volatiles generated by dead flies inside the trap attract other flies progressively. So the product may remain active for many weeks until it is full (up to 40,000 flies caught!).

Flies Trap is particular suitable for outdoor use nearby areas where flies largely reproduce.


This solution consists of a plastic bag with a food attraction and a capture device where the flies once entered can no longer exit. The attractive consists of exclusively vegetable flours and aromas. Once dissolved in simple water, it ferments and begins to produce an odor that strongly recalls fly adults.

The trap remains active for approximately 30 days, this period may vary depending on the climate. It must be positioned at a minimum of 10m from the working / inhabited area, in a shady place and at about 1.2 m / 1.4 m height from the ground to the outside, in an unventilated area.
Keep a distance between a trap at the other of at least 10-20 m.
In indoor environments, the use of the trap is not recommended due to unpleasant odors.