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Mobile fences

Examples of installation

Have you ever dreamed of having a fence that you can make up to suit your needs, move, enlarge, change, and change? Or maybe that a rod can become a series of boxes, a square, a barrier, a closing or what you and only you have in mind ... yes!
With the Badi Farm Fence this is possible. The fence that we present are made in italy and studied with a large oval tube that allows the horse that pulls on a limb to be able to pull out without injury. Are covered by our special patent for what concerns the couplings and connections. The fence will support each other, with an anchoring system that allows the installation even on uneven ground.
We have copied many, but our product comes from our experience as breeders and meet the needs of farmers, in fact, our fence can be individually set to the ground, are connected with chains, and then adapt themselves to the ground and then Just enter the elements to make them become huts, sheds, etc.., each season the system is implemented and new ideas, always keeping the original form, are applied to solve the problems of farmers.


Beautiful fenced pens with these panels, which also allow the use of livestock or can also accommodate calves, steers or other animals ... of any length here are some examples:



The gates are tailor-made for grazing:

  • Gate Ref. CP10 for pastures in steel tubes
    with adjustable hinges, 1m x 1.4 m (h)
  • Gate Ref. CP30 for pastures in steel tubes
    with adjustable hinges, 3m x 1.4 m (h)
  • Gate Ref. CP40 for pastures in steel tubes
    with adjustable hinges, 4m x 1.4 m (h)

Please note that You can have custom work, contact us.

Excellent news: the same panels can also be beaded, just no limits to your imagination!

cancelli da pascolo Rif. CP30
Rif. CP30


Gate for pasture in tubular with adjustable hinges, 3m x 1,4m (h)


Riding  20m x 40m 36 Rif. PA30 + 1 Rif. GC30 + 1 Rif. PS30 + 18 Rif. TP
Riding  25m x 50m 48 Rif. PA30 + 1 Rif. GC30 + 1 Rif. PS30 + 24 Rif. TP
Riding  30m x 60m 58 Rif. PA30 + 1 Rif. GC30 + 1 Rif. PS30 + 30 Rif. TP


Can be placed on any surface and can be made of several panels. You can build single box or more boxes and save the walls joined together.

In the U.S.A  also the most important horses live in these boxes, leaving the horse to breathe unpolluted air. It also allows us, being adaptable to be combined with one another. They are ideal to put under a porch, or in an old barn, or in the breeding season to accommodate mares, etc..