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Rubber floors

Wall mats

A panel to be applied on the walls to prevent the horse from beating against it, which works like an insulating panel, keeps the cool in summer and the warm in winter and is flexible but resistant: it can be applied to the garage door to prevent the horse from beating, even if in the long run they too give in; and another thousand small inventions.
It is glued with mastic or silicone, always in combination with expansion bolts in the most difficult points on walls and nails on wood.


You can also follow curved structures and corners!
Great for delivery rooms, showers, for rooms that must be washed often, and for infirmaries, for the walls of the clinical operating rooms and box awakening.

Tappeto_RIF. MAT6XL


Dimensions 122cm; 180cm; 2,5cm per 9Kg weight.

€ 220,00 (iva inc.)