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Swoopy is a safety rope, rubber elastic, which thanks to its flexibility eliminates the horse fear of being constrained and immobilized. In fact, the increase of adrenaline caused by fear of not being free, keep the horse in panic because he feel stuck, pulling more threatening to tear the spine, with swoopy the horse after the first tug, he realizes that there is nothing that holds it fixed.

Swoopy is the elastic safety rope in caoutchouc that thanks to its elasticity eliminates the fear of being forced and immobilized.
After the first tug and the first bad moods, the horse immediately realizes that he has nothing coercive that holds him back and gently yields to the point where he is tied. We who love horses know that saving is not just in halters and lunghine but it is in dangerous tearing to its spine.

Solid and of excellent workmanship has its ring treated to avoid rust for a long time. At its ends, with the following drawings, the correct way of use is indicated. In case it breaks, if you have well installed Swoopy, this will go with its elastic part stretched against the wall avoiding hitting the horse. It is in fact built to ensure that it always breaks towards the wall and does not hit the horse.


With good carabiners, not supplied, but easily available in any hardware, Swoopy eliminates the feeling of panic that grips the horse yielding enough and making heads to the horse that more he pulls more increases the pressure on the back of his head.

In fact, the increase of adrenaline caused by the fear of not being freer, throws the horse into a panic, the more it feels stuck, the more it pulls at risk of tearing the spinal column; thanks to Swoopy the horse after the first tug, he understands that he has nothing fixed that holds him back.

Note:   do not stay within the range of Swoopy when it is live!

In this way we can tie the horse for the shower, to saddle it or take care of it, at two winds, or in the van or trailer and will always be at ease!

It is possible to have Swoopy in three different lengths:


Rif. SW20C


Swoopy length 800mm, breaking limit 420kg, stretching 4m.

€ 40,00 (iva inc.)

Rif. SW20B


Swoopy length 530mm, breaking limit 350kg, stretching 2,5m.

€ 38,00 (iva inc.)

Rif. SW20A


Swoopy length 350mm, breaking limit 300kg, stretching 1,5m.

€ 36,00 (iva inc.)

Code Lenght Breaking limit Stretching Price
Rif. SW20A 350 mm 300 kg 1,50 m € 35,00
Rif. SW20B 530 mm 350 kg 2,50 m € 37,00
Rif. SW20C 800 mm 420 kg 4,00 m € 39,00