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Wooden fences & Horse Safety band

Badi Farm Excellence, the new line of products

It is a line inspired by a fundamental concept for us:   "excellence". All the products in this line are the TOP of what you can find on the world market today.

Azobe wood is a wood that can not be attacked by chemical and atmospheric agents, which does not fear impact and frost and is therefore particularly suitable for the construction of external structures exposed to the elements and subjected to high stresses.

Azobe is a broad-leaved deciduous tree that grows in the equatorial regions and mainly in the Ivory Coast - Cameroon - Guinea - Ghana - Gabon and Nigeria.
The Azobe wood is very heavy, for fresh goods it is about 1300kg per cubic meter, and has very high mechanical strength characteristics.


The tests carried out by the "Center Technique Forestier Tropical" confirm that the azobe must be considered a   immortescible wood, of   very long duration,   resistant to shocks, with great proof of elasticity and mechanical power, classifiable among those few in the world, who are truly   resistant to xilophagous attacks   and among these, especially the termites and the worms, as well as the teredo navalis.

It is therefore evident that Azobe is truly the ideal wood for any outdoor work, both in wet and dry soil and in water, even salt; in fact it is practically eternal for its very great qualities of imputrescibilità and of remarkable resistance

In conclusion the Azobe is the hardwood of the world's hard work.

The heartwood is inflamed with difficulty and has a remarkable natural resistance against meteorological agents, acids, plant and animal parasites; even the termites can not affect it.

Let's start from the   Boxes, tailored to your needs, with galvanized and colored oxidation finishes with the TRIPLEX® system for incredible effect and durability. The possibility of having air passage cavities, feed doors, hay and / or even compartments under the manger to accommodate the cleaning tools of your horse.

But with the Azobe, given the features described above, we can also make external fences, riding stables and why not even the beautiful door signs.