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Recinzioni in legno e Horse Safety band

Stables and wooden fences

An uncovered riding school or a fence with a wooden palisade is unparalleled in terms of aesthetics and with our poles making it easier. The vertical poles are already pre-drilled for the insertion of the horizontal current, the two holes are 60 cm from each other.

The final result is a fence 140/150 cm high above the ground. To increase the duration of the fence, we recommend, with our experience, to use a treated iron glass for the underground part in which to insert the pole by tamping with silica sand.

Two types of assembly , the first with a 1.5m pitch is highly resistant in case of impact, while for the second standard type with a 3m center distance we recommend an electrical aid with the Shockproof Electrified Safety Tape

schemi montaggio recinti in legno


Rif. Vert200
Rif. Tondo12


Composed of vertical round wood diameter 120mm with two holes and horizontal poles of 80mm x 3 m, with top cap. Autoclave treated pine wood.

from 18,00 € + VAT per linear meter CONTACT US>


Rif. tondo14-3
Rif. Tondo14/3

WOODEN FENCE 14cm 3 strips

Composed of vertical round wood diameter 140mm with three holes and horizontal poles of 80mm x 3 m, with top cap. Autoclave treated pine wood.

from € 27,00 + VAT per linear meter CONTACT US>





Class 3 treated wood and covered with a special PVC sheath with 120 mm diameter holes and horizontal 3 m  treated and plasticized. With top cap.

Attention: the sheath included in the price is sold separately and not applied to the pole. The application can be done independently by wrapping the pole with the sheath and heating it with an industrial hairdryer or near heat sources.

from 45,00 € + VAT per linear meter CONTACT US>


Rif. TONDO12MixS


Vertical wood with top cap in class 3 treated natural wood with 120 mm diameter holes and horizontal wood 3 m pitch treated and covered with PVC sheath.

Attention: the sheath included in the price is sold separately and not applied to the pole. The application can be done independently by wrapping the pole with the sheath and heating it with an industrial hairdryer or near heat sources.

from € 40,00 per linear meter CONTACT US>



It was a lot that we had in mind to revolutionize the world of fences: over the years we have presented many solutions, but the wooden fence has always been a classic and for the best cost / performance ratio difficult to beat: in our catalog we have always had those of round wood and those in rectangular wood, we in the breeding farm use them! But how much maintenance ! Between time and cost of products to protect wood. and every year! 

We at BADI FARM have grown tired of having to go over our palisades with anti-rot paint at least once a year and have patented our solution against this problem. SUPERWOOD is the solution, a treated wooden pole covered with a special super protective plastic polymer sheath that adheres completely and protects it from erosion and rotting. We have also thought of the customers who over time have purchased our fences and so we also offer only the SALVAPALO sheath for the necessary sizes and that they can easily apply.

Our tip: Protect the wood from your horse's bites

To increase the safety of your fence we recommend adding one or two rounds of Safety Bumper Tape , this will prevent horses from trying to cross or bite into the wood thus ruining the fence.


Come interrare i pali

interrare i pali in legno badifarm




Badi Farm with an international agreement markets poles in various essences:

for resinous essences we recommend reading the following text in order to understand the material and its advantages well. Download the pdf document here

Quality check

The choice of wood is made at the different forest extensions by forestry agents recognized by the national wood institute of the EEC country.

Processing and treatment

The pine trunk is cut, sent to the factories, debarked, pointed and selected according to the size.

The wood then enters the drying chamber, where it undergoes drying for a percentage of humidity of less than 25%. At this point the pole is treated in an autoclave and impregnated in Class III or IV with different preservative salts depending on the intended use. The computerized autoclaves keep the maximum pressure constant for 6 hours in order to guarantee the absorption of the preservative salts, responsible for the duration of the product. Our treatment operation involves the use of 10-12 kg of preservative salt per cubic meter of wood, against the 8 kg used in normal treatment procedures. This ensures the protection of the wood from the attack of fungi and other rot (as prescribed by the current DIN 68 800-3 standard). After autoclaving, the posts are kept indoors for 10 days,indispensable condition for fixing the preservative salts.

Curvature & Cracks:

wood moves, over a length equal to linear meters 2 a curvature equal to 2cm is to be considered natural, wood is a living material and naturally subjected to processes caused by hot wind, intense sun and permanence in extreme places. The greater the length the greater the curvature (in percentage). The same thing for the cracking or rather they are also with the onion effect natural for the materials and not contestable.

Product diversification

Our range of products lends itself to multiple customization interventions, so as to satisfy your specific needs as per our catalog.

Product packaging and delivery

All products are palletized in order to facilitate their handling. The delivery of the goods is carried out within four weeks from the date of placing the order, with organized transport for any destination.


Pine used

  • Visible impregnation in the sapwood
  • Tensile strength 800 - 850 kg / cm 2
  • Compressive strength 330 kg / cm 2
  • High breaking load
  • Greater suitability for impregnation


The shrinkage cracks

Cracking phenomena, in particular, are often interpreted as signs of breakage or failure, while they depend on the drying of the wood and the shrinkage that follows from the loss of water in dry environments, or due to excessive exposure to direct sources of heat. . Knowledge helps to correctly interpret shrinkage cracks: these marks, as well as knots or chromatic irregularities, are a manifestation of the vitality of wood, and are part of the beauty of this material. The only solution for not wanting it is to buy our Second Life Certified Recycled Plastic poles with or without internal steel reinforcement.



Dimensional variations of wood

The wood changes with the variation of humidity (shrinkage phenomena - dry and dimensional expansion - wet), the knots present on the trunk are usually factors that determine some warping of the wood because being more compact they do not allow a homogeneous shrinkage of the wood. The cracking of the posts used horizontally after 4 or 5 years if not treated with protective paints gives rise to a process of enlargement of the same in certain climatic conditions, humid, freezing and heating.


How to protect the posts

We recommend using our plastic caps fixed with one or two nails in the upper part, we have them from 80mm up to 140 / 160mm. Please note: if you put the plugs in later, probably due to humidity or rain, you will have dimensional problems due to the swelling of the wood, so place them immediately as soon as they are assembled.



How to plant poles

Our experience has taught us this (diagram above) do not stop with tars or insulating paints the leakage from the humidity pole !!

Or use our special thermo-shrinking sheath in the part 10cm above ground and 40cm underground


Use the perforated round posts for a fence

Both two and three horizontal, be careful to understand the locking system of the fence: an 80mm pole enters a 12cm perforated pole for about 6cm until you find the next one. Therefore, an electrified safety tape even 13mm is necessary. If you want a wooden fence only, then opt for the high resistance solution


We remind you that if you do not want to have cracks or anything else in your fences, Badi Farm has recycled plastic fences certified second life available… at different costs.


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