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Electrified fences

A powerful energizer

elettrificatore potente

  • Some animals, like men, are less sensitive than others respect to the current time, so more current is better.
  • A well-electrified fence will be respected and therefore will not need large and heavy poles, which are normally more expensive and harder to plant.
  • The good impedance of our energizers makes them difficult to short-circuit, not very sensitive to the pressure drops and the ground.
  • Above all, a super powerful energizer punish effectively and definitively the animal, even before it touches the tape, thanks to a spark of about 5mm or 8mm that will surprise you. If it is winter, and it is wet, even when it tries to pass under will be hit. With a less powerful energizer, it is not difficult to see that animals are eating grass on the other side of the tape, the sparkle effect described above does not work well.
  •  Finally, given that you will add more and more paddock, the grass will go up on the tape, will be dry and much more, it is better to have more power.

elettrificatore potente

The electrical connections

Never attach the teflon cable to the tape, it will be virtually impossible to plug all 10 stainless steel wires in the same time. In fact, precisely because these are supported and tissues from a network of wires from 0.50 mm polyethylene, someone will not touch your feeble contact and begin to give small electrical discharges that with the passing of time will damage the tape.

This is why it is essential the tensioner Ref. 44, which is specially designed to give a good electrical connection, and to ensure that the tape is twisted on its buckle made of stainless steel, has all of its 10 wires connected