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Electrified fences

40, 20 o 13mm?

A destructive force of these animals, especially as regards the boars, is known by all farmers.
So, if in that moment you find in front of a fence, it is necessary that this represents an insurmountable obstacle!
One obstacle as wide as a branch (tape 4 cm), will be an obstaclethat he will comply with its self-preservation, but do not count only the width of the tape, it is also very important to its position with respect to the animal.
I do not even want to consider the leads which pass through themwithout even seen.
The width is important

La larghezza è importante

THE TAPE 40 mm, 2 or 3 heights, is impressive: it is truly an electric fence! A resistance of up to 300 kg to breakage, do not swing in the wind. Who could ask formore? This tape is ideal for large animals such as deer.
The wide band is clearly visible even when they go very fast and do not have too much time to think.

THE TAPE 20 mm, has the width of a branch, thanks to our patented poles for boar Ref. 12/2 orRef 12/3 the tape is positioned at two different levels, staggered between them, so that 'animaltouches down before the tape, so here as well as the tape 20mm becomes impassable for these animals. Visibility 3 or 4 times higher than that of the ribbon to 13 mm, (20 times that of the wirefor the cows).

The tape to 13 mm has the width of a sprig but has a high deterrent power, in fact, the pulsereleased in the time it is touched is much higher than that of the electrical wires and ribbons, which can be found in trade. Surely it is good for improving and protecting an existing fence.

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