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Rubber floors

Surface preparation on which to apply liquid rubber:

The surface must be:  
• without traces of oil
• absolutely dry
• clean even in the corners
• for aluminum and metal surfaces there is a special primer (GLPrimer)

GLPRIMER drafting
If necessary (see above) on the clean surface apply the primer with a brush, leave a homogeneous thickness of about 0.5mm / 1mm.
Continue to brush one coat after the other until the thickness shown above is created. Normally, each laid layer has a thickness of about 0.15 mm
Apply GL50 liquid rubber only when the primer is dry.

Preparation for the drafting
Prepare the surfaces with spacers that make it possible to lay them even with a slat.
A homogeneous thickness where possible is necessary for an optimal result.
For horses, minimum thickness 12 mm  
n.b .: any defects, very often, can be attributed precisely to an unwise preparation of the fund

Working time
Once the elements have been mixed (hardener, latex, granulate) they start an exothermic chemical reaction  , which is affected by the external climatic conditions of the environment:
the laying / reaction must be performed between 6 ° and 30 °
the hardening times can vary with the variation of the relative humidity but are normally:

between 6 ° C and 12 ° C   workable within 50 minutes
between 12 ° C and 18 ° C workable within 40 minutes
between 18 ° C and 24 ° C workable within 30 minutes
between 24 ° C and 30 ° C workable within 20 minutes
"Workable within" means that after the joining of the elements the indicated time frame is the maximum time to mold and spread the material, however there may be differences due to environmental factors such as Height above sea level, ventilation, relative humidity, etc.

Liquid rubber preparation
Mix the latex with the gray powder (hardener) in a special clean container, without traces of water, mix until the lumps leave and it is a homogeneous amalgam
Add while turning the chopped rubber mixture until it is perfectly blended
Pour the liquid rubber and use some tears to roll it out: not even the equipment to spread it must be wet.

Post draft:
do not step on for about 7  
do not wet for about 14 days from the application if you do not want a different color pigmentation