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Electrified fences applications

Barbed wire: dangers

When a fence becomes a danger

There are an incredible variety of fence materials on the market. Cables, ropes or wires are difficult to see for horses. Many other materials allow the horse to rub or lean, with the related problems that follow given the strength of our friend. Others allow the development of bad habits, such as gnawing or worse support tics ...

Is this the situation in your home?

When a horse respects his fence and does not touch it!

Filo spinato 1

These tips have   as their purpose   that of   penetrate into the   meat of the animals that attempt to pass.


Filo spinato 2

These tips do not tear the meat; they are far more dissuasive than the others, but less dangerous!


With the Badi Farm Safety Shock Fencing system the horse, after the experience of meeting with the fence, has only the fear of meeting it again and has no scars or impairments!
One of the best results of our ten-year work with electrified fences was that of not having more horses injured because of the fences. The notes below are the summary of your phone calls that denounced the disadvantages suffered by your horses with the use of dangerous fences. Hoping that they can be a warning to those who have similar facilities in mind. Let's start talking about the most dangerous:

We hope it is not a system you use. It does not matter that 7 out of 10 horses respect it! It is one of the most dangerous fences: very often we find them used by cattle farmers who rent their fields as pastures; It is used by those who do not have the results on livestock.

Recinzione con filo spinato

Try looking at this picture. Even if you do not have the mediocre view of the horse, you too, the only thing you notice are the two anti-collision ribbons Rif. B4 and not the terrible barrier of spinning rows behind. This fence is the cause, not only of scratches of the horse's mantle, but of severed tendons, of deep wounds, which cause very serious infections (very often tetanus) and acts as a support and propagator of diseases, with its claws that cut all the animals that pass by. How many horses have ruined? Even without the sharp thorns, the electric wire fence made of iron wire, much in use among breeders, called "stop everything" or "cut butter" is a terrible trap: once oxidized takes on a brownish tinge that makes it become completely invisible. We let you imagine what can happen ...

The wire fence

This fence can be defined as "sinew size" due to its high breaking point.

We can report it with a 40 mm strip of shockproof tape!
But it costs less then only the tape!

Leave the wire behind.