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Electrified fences

Three heights of tape: 1.30 m / 0.9 m / 0.5 m

For young foals in a paddock very small

If you have a small paddock foals are necessarily close to the fence (sorry for this obvious and trivial thing), which means that running and playing, they risk going to crash on the fence, if this is not clearly visible. A third height, a little lower (1.30 m - 0.90 m - 0.50 m), it avoids the small moments of panic when something goes around scaring them. Rest assured that even if the instinct to reach the mother has the upper hand: the colt probably will knock the fence, without worrying about the pain, but does not hurt thanks to the tape. It may seem paradoxical to speak of breaking the tape, but as you know, a foal separated from his mother will break any type of fence, thanks to a natural instinct. Think of the result with a fence made from wooden boards!

The tape below, in the case where it touches the snow, can be disconnected.

Giovane puledro

For the stallions Some stallions stir incredibly when a mare is in heat nearby. So 2 heights will not be enough, for sleep peacefully, it is good that to add a third. The heights we recommend are: 1,50 m - 1,10 m - 60 cm

cavallo nero stallone focoso

Two heights of tape: 1.4 m / 0.7 m

For decoration
Someone love the fence to 3 or 4 lists that replaces visually a classic fence, of cement (white tape) or a wooden fence (brown tape). Some fences have a big impact in the environment (parks, gardens, avenues, paddock) and could be interesting to add one more element for decoration thanks to the fence with the tape.

To increase the security
For example on the edge of a stream ... or perhaps of a cliff!

The higher tape: it prevents the breakthrough, it must be 1.40 m above the ground.

The lower tape: on this the whole responsibility falls ... Punish your horse with a pain, whenever that will attempt to pass off his head between the two belts, to graze the grass outside the fence.

A single tape height: 0.9 m

To define a path

To save time when you need to change your fence frequently, for example at a gathering, or to bring them up on your van ...
But be careful, your horse will need to know the tape (tried before) and must be an adult horse (pony or foals have the annoying habit of trying all the time).

To help narrow flower beds, walkways, planters
In these cases it is more a decoration in harmony with the rest of the fences in tape or a barrier against the dogs that a fence for horses. Positioned at 40 cm from the ground.

To protect an existing fence
Wooden pole that horses love to eat; strips in cement; barbed wire reported thanks to a wide tape, placed on the spacers Ref 13U, grids, networks of all kinds.