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Recinzioni elettrificate

Calculating the right amount of material necessary for the proper functioning of an enclosure is an arithmetic calculation.

Follow the simple formulas below.

To calculate the necessary tape meters:
number of heights (revolutions) you want x perimeter (approximate to the available reel sizes)

To calculate the amount of stakes:
n ° posts: divide the perimeter x 4m or 5m;

To calculate the number of isolators:
n ° isolators: n ° stakes x n ° (revolutions) door heights: for each dimension door (n ° 1 ref.11 + n ° 2 rif.35) x round of tape + n ° 1 ref.59H

To calculate the connection with battery or stack energiser:
Choose if ref.E4, E34, E7 or rif.E6 + n ° 2 rif.35v + ref. 59L + rif.59H + rif.T1

To calculate the grid energiser connection:
ref. E5 + mt? Ref.28 + n ° 2 ref. 35 + rif.52 + rif.59H + ref. T1

To calculate dividers:
n ° heights (tape revolutions) x partition meters; + n ° heights x rif.35 + rif.59H

To avoid all the unpleasant consequences of a dangerous fence, one must seriously study the installation. It seems inconsistent to say, but also electric fences are dangerous, because they see their incredible good operation if you do not do the proper maintenance and you underestimate that there must always be the current coming from the electrifier and must be well strained. It is very important to check that they are then composed of all the necessary pieces.